200 Romantic Quotes About Love For Apple Of Your Eyes

Interesting quotes about love are being doled out on a daily basis. Why some of it reflects what love is, some are an antithesis of love and does not in any way say something worthwhile about love.

Books, among other revelations, say a lot about the meaning or define love in a way understandable to lovers of love messages.
When you are asked to say something about love, here are what you can leverage on, or send to the one you love.

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Quotes About Love For Him

1. I Love Him No Matter What:

The beginning of love may not be sumptuous, but soon things will get right. Just keep on going and enduring your lover. 
“When life treats you the wrong way, know that love is the unimaginable solution.” 

2. When You Have The Right Person In Your Life:
When you have problem, you may not know the right person to help you solve the issue. If you are lucky enough, go your husband may be good in that aspect.
Time like this is what make a relationship healthy, and make you forget your man offended you. This quote about love is awesome.
“I do not say that love does not hurt. It is just not hurtful to the right person.”

3. Your Smile Drives Me:

To smile and receive smiles from other people is not very common, only your love can do that to you repeatedly.
“I cherish your smile, your eyes when you smile, and your lips that bring about the smile.”

4. Falling In Love For Another Time: 

Just be mindful of whom you fall in love with. Some men are worth it. However, talking about love, falling comes to the fore.
“I have fallen in love with your attitude, your jokes, your laughter, you jovial self. I have fallen in love with you; the right person.”

5. I Met The Right Person:

Meeting the right person is like seeing the actions of God. To meet the right person, walk in the right place.
“When the right person knocks on the door of your heart, you need not complain, all you have to do is open up and fall in love.”
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6. The Way I Feel Makes Me Wonder:

The way you feel about your heartthrob is not the way you feel about any other. Loving someone, you feel happy about is important. Don’t go for less.
“I never thought I could feel this way about anyone again; I never imagined falling in love with another person. But I have now.”


7. I Will Stay Forever:

Stay and don’t think of going. I remember staying with my first lover for quite a long time, but she misused the opportunity given to her. Just make sure you are not getting used to someone who does not really care as such. It might get you into love trouble as time unfolds.
“I promise to stay loving you, to never leave your side and to always be your guide. I love you.”


8. My Love For You Is Everything:

What do you compare love with, it is beyond anything you can think of love. Love may be linked to the sky, to the ocean, to sea, but its real effect on you is not quantifiable.
“Just like the sun, moon and stars. That is the sequence of my love for you. In the day, in the evening and the night, I’ll always love you.”

9. Glad To Be Your Lover:

The gladness that comes as a result of love is higher than that which comes when one build house. What is the essence of life without having a nice man to fall back on? What is the essence of existing without a man to advise you in times of trouble?
“I am glad that I have fallen in love with you, I don’t know what would have happened if I stayed without it one more moment.”

10. Your Love For Me Is Enough:

It is enough to love. It brings utmost conviction and makes life more strengthened.
“I will love you till I am convinced that love does not exist in the dictionary. I will never stop loving you.”

11. It Is Beautiful To Love:

Love someone today, and show you care so much about many others. If you care about the one you love, it is not right to tell him this.
“Love is a beautiful thing, in everything you do, give and show love to someone.”

12. The One You Need:
Come to think of it, don’t you need your man every time? Even if he’s faraway, you need him in your life. Keep sending this quote about love now and then.
“I need you more than I need air. If you ever want to say no to me, let it be where there is no air.”

13. Love Is Easy:

It is easy and simple to love. For those whose heart has been broken, loving someone again may not be simple for them. What is your thought on this quote about love?

“Nothing is simpler than loving a man of your caliber. What do you derive from loving a useless entity?”

14. Only One For You:

Nigerian blues musician, Bankey W, sang a song tagged “OnlyOne For Me ”. He revealed why women and men are dependent on each other.
“You are the only one for a woman in need, always ready to say thank you.”

15.We Came Together Thus Far:
You came together, did it together, and successful together. Whatever progress you make, it is we-we victory.
“Talking about love, the one you love may not be ready to love you. However, if you find someone reciprocating the trust, always be together.”

16. I Love You Truly:

Loving someone truly involves saying it times without counting. Trust yourself, and your lover. Don’t joke with love unnecessarily.
“True love is divine, it is above your thought and reasoning.”

17. Scream About Love:

No worry, screaming because of love is part of I love you signals. Those who do are dependable lovers. Shout out to them!
“The shout of love reechoes deeply in my innermost. When you love or someone loves you, you receive different sound.”

18. Sacred Lovers: 

Yes, no one can know what love means to you. It shows different things to us. If love is wicked to you, it is not to others. Love is sacred. This quote is inspirational.
“Love may be sacred, those involved may not. Love the normal way.”

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19. Our Love Is Not Sharable:

It won’t be easy sharing my heart with anybody else; it won’t be hard sharing it with you though. What do you think about my heart and giving it to someone like you?
“Don’t share it with anyone, I mean your body. It is mine and yours alone.”

20. What Is More Beautiful Than Love?

I also intend knowing what is more beautiful than love; I have not found one.
“What has more beauty than love because it comes from my and your heart.”

21. Darling, I Love You:
Don’t think of loving someone for a day alone. Today, tomorrow, and every time, let love be continuous.
“I will forever cherish you, and I will be the ignition that makes you work.”

22. With You, To The End:
Show you love with everything possible. With money, smiles, and even your body.
“Without love, no man survives hardship. With me, your problem is half-solved.”


23. Yes Love Is Unifying:

Loving someone can make you complete, completely out.
“I love you, but my whole body which was not one becomes one.”

23. Let Me Be Your Man:
Assume you have someone that cares less, you may not achieve your aim on the go, but with the right man, progress comes so easy for you.
 “After meeting a king, I achieved my aim in a jiffy. Come let me be your life support.”

24. Be My Confidant:
Your partner is your confidant. Trust him or her with everything.
“Come and be my friend, my love, and my everything.”

25.  Life Without You:
Living without the right person is not complete. Who can do without his darling husband?
“You are like my mobile phone; I cannot do without you.”

26. Can I Love You Again:
It happens that quarrel separates lovers. When such occurs, you can resolve and come again as one.
“I know I have offended you, let me come again and be your keeper. Get a reason for loving you.”

28. The Beginning Of Love:

Love begins by identifying that no one can be perfect even if they polish themselves to appear so.
“Love is when you accept people the way they truly appear and not bending them compulsorily to our end.”

29. Accept What They Are:

Some men complain their wives do not have a good command of English Language and so, let them go their way. This is not right. Love without reasons not to.
“One very germane thing about love is to love those whom we cherish and what they are to us, and to themselves. Love is lost when the right man decides to let his right woman go for imbalance sake.”

30. Want A Perfect Woman Quote:

Think of it, what is love when you say your woman should accept your behaviours and become someone like you?
“You say you love me, but you complain about my misdeeds. You want me to wear your ideas and your character. No, love is not what you think. Love me with my excuses.”

31. What Completes A Man:

Your second half is your man. Don’t allow anything happen to him.
“If you say you need a lover, you are only looking for someone who will complete you. A man is not complete until he finds his other half.”


32. Memories Of Sadness:

Memories of sadness are normal when you fall in love. The person you cherish cannot be perfect.
“Your lover can give you trauma especially when you think of her in another way round. She should do this and that, and she failed. Don’t worry; it will come to past.”

33. I Think About You Love Quote:

When you think of your darling husband, so many things come to your mind. Your love for him, your calls and texts, and many other things come to your mind.
“Thinking about you, I think I have the most precious asset. Thinking of losing you, I want to fall and lose myself to adversity.”

34. Fall In Love:

In case you do not know, a handsome man will make you understand yourself better.

“When you want to understand yourself better, fall in love.”

35. Test Of Love:

If you want to know you love someone, just look into that person's eyes, and tell the world what you feel. This is a pure test of love.
“If you forget everything the moment you see someone, you love that person with all you have.”

36. How Know What Love Does:

Around the one you love? Check your heart and tell what it feels like.
“When you come around, my heart is always cool. When you leave, it bits so high.”

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37. I Can’t Sleep:

Forget it when you are not with your love. Things become opposite that moment.
“With you, I feel like a queen. Without you, I am an errand girl.”

38. Preserve Your Love:

Don’t touch me now, let me accept officially that you will be my husband.
“Preserve me, and plan of touching me the day I say yes to your demand.”

39. Pure Heart:

This quote reminds me of some about love quotes.
“When you love someone, you cry for them. it is pureness of heart.”

40. Time To Love:

How do you want someone to accept to marry you if you are not ready to devote your time on her?
“Devote enough time for me, and see if I won’t follow you.”

41. Quantity Of Love:

Loving someone extraordinarily is not out of it, but give the same quantity of love to yourself as well.
"If you cannot give the quantity of love you have on yourself on me, then forget me."

42. For Divine Happiness:

To ascertain happiness in love affairs, it is better to keep on loving till heaven time comes.
“If you intend smiling forever, winning forever, and accomplishing forever, you need to love me forever.”

43. You Are Sad:

Women are doctors, give your heart to them, and it replenishes.
“You won’t stop being sad because you have not given your heart to someone so that can refurbish it.”

44. Time Spent Together:

Time with the one you love cannot be compared with anything on the universe. During that time, you think, develop, and redesign yourself.
“The time we spend together at night makes the day successful.”

45. About You:

What happens when you think of him does not happen when you think of other things.
“In the midnight, when I think of you, I see a shining light with galaxies of stars around it. You are the stars, and I am the light. Are we not destined for ourselves?” 

46. What To Write About Love:

I do laugh when people write books on love affairs. Love is that thing that cannot be written entirely about.
“My memo cannot contain what my heart contains you. It will only remain no page and no line.”

47. When You Stay With Me:

Imagine what comes around you when the man you want, is here by your side.
“You first get the glimpse of joy, when that person that makes you happy accepted to stay with you.”

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48. Redefine Yourself With Smile:

Don’t ever think of letting your man go away; you will regret doing so.
“Love makes your smile turn to cry when you allow the most handsome man in your heart to go meet another woman.”

49. Love Is Lost:

At first, you are nobody, now that you have a woman who cherishes you, why do you intend to leave?
“The day you start to think of another woman aside me is the day you start losing your first love. First love is that unique love that accepted you when nobody wanted to.”

50. Love Proposal Not Regretted:

As time goes on, you won’t have any reason to say you regretted accepting to marry the one you love.
“Your flaws make me look at you and say I have not regretted accepting a proposal of a man like you.”

51. I think about you first

“My lady, when I want to start my day, I start by praying for you, because when it comes to you I am completely selfless”.
In every relationship, selfishness is a very bad act; it is similar to nonchalant attitude. Make her important to you as you are to yourself. The way you describe her determines how they will address her.

52. I want no distress for you

“Every moment I derive comfort, I pray to God to let you see distress at no time even during child labor”.
The convenience of a tree determines the well-being of a bird. If love exists, you will be conscious of her comfort as her discomfort will stress you.  

53. I think about love for you quote

“The scope of my thought is myopic when I do not think about love for you”.
How do you feel when you think about love and how do you feel when deliberation for love is far away from you. Your partner’s thought should be looming in your mind, it makes you feel better.

54. I will think about you forever.

“My prayer is that I should never stop thinking about you, you are the most precious female I ever met”.
You will forever pray for your woman because her prayer is yours, her success is yours. Anything can happen at any time, pray to God to make you remember her always.

55. Don’t screw me with love

“When famine happens for long, people die of hunger in the area, when tsunami occurs, places are eroded in the locality but if your love tries to screw me, the whole world will know”.
The sweetness of love is usually very high, likewise the disaster can be very massive, make sure you hold on to your partner very well, if you lose her, it might give you an inerasable heart scar.

56. The true meaning of love quote

“I already inform the world about the existence of a woman (you) in my life. This tells them the true meaning of my love for you”.
Tell them; let them know who she is in your life. The love of your life is very special keep her very well and hold onto her. Tell the world the story of your love so that they will know your world.

57. The fortune from love quote

“Long, long time ago my father told me that my fortune lies in the heart of a woman, but I disputed it until I met you”.
If the love that exists between you is real, various visions and dreams will be revealed at different times before you meet your woman, don’t dispute it.

58. Why I do things for love

“If I learn any skill, my first aim would be using it for the woman I love”.
Your skill are for her, learn them with the aim of making it beneficial for your love. If you make money with it, you will spend it together. Things about love can be incredible but beneficial.

59. Birds join me to sing for you

“When I open my window, I see butterflies and birds singing the songs of her names, I guess they know what I am up to”.
Butterflies and birds also understand love, they pass love messages when the fly and sing. When you sing or throw away emotions, they understand your gimmicks because they are carriers of love. Don’t you see their colors?

60. My attitude before meeting you

“I don’t take things serious until I met you, the woman of my life”.
I used to think the world is full of predicament and too hard to live until I met you. You are the woman that eases my world with feelings about love.

61. In time of support quote for her

“In the absence of illumination, you are there to direct my path”.
When no one is there to support and you are completely stranded, the true person of your heart who knows deeps about your love will surely be there for you.

62. The Race of love

“Since I know you are a female, when we race, I will let you win and while I win the other time so that we can have so much fun”.
Recreate with your lover by running, jumping, skipping among others to boost the feelings between you and create better understanding of one another and certain things about love. Note: she is a girl, so let her also win.

63. My dreams before meeting you

“Long, long when I was a kid, I used to dream about a kid, as I grew up the kid turned to a lady which was you, that was why I did not hesitate when I saw you, I knew you were meant for me”.
Some relationship may be funny and outlandish due to what it constitutes. Some people actually dream of their lover before actually meeting them or going into the relationship. Dreams are signs of love especially real love.

64. Similitude and differences quote

“By name, Granada in Spain may seem similar to Grenada, but they are not the same. You may share the same sex with other females, but by far, you are different”.
Since you adore her sincerely, she will be different from others in your sight because everything about her seems good in your sight.

65. She is distinct from others.

“People go to Memphis in Egypt to tour the fame pyramid of Djoser, while Memphis in Tennessee was toured because of its bars. I love you for a different reason compared to why other girls are loved”.
Feelings can never be exactly the same, likewise emotions. You love her for a different reason that should be the case. Please tell her the reason for your love.

66. She is like no other

“You may find both Waterloo in Belgium and Waterloo in Canada attractive, but one is more famous than the other, you are more than other girls”.
It is not a bad idea to find someone who is different from others in your sight as your darling lover. You will be more convinced about love and the reason for your love. You will like  her like no other. 

67. How you describe her

“To describe you as being picturesque is an understatement”.
You might still be searching for the perfect word to use to describe your lover because of her outstanding characteristics. Appreciate her tirelessly adore her, and hone her.

68. Connecting through the heart.

“People deliver love letters to their woman through mail, text messages, hand but for me my heart is enough. It will convey all my messages to you”.
Send her witty text message and poems to groom your relationship as long as you know she desires it. If you are sincere with her, your heart will surely pass message to her.

69. She is the reason for doing things.

“When talking about love world, I might be hard to change someone, but you are the sole reason why I do things”.
You can prioritize your action based on your lover’s opinion and interest. She will see this as a very mellow interest and love for her. You might want to extend the good acts by telling her all your daily activities.

70. Morning greetings about love from birds.

“Why I open my window in the morning, I see butterflies and bird extending your greeting to me”.
Have you ever found birds and butterflies assembled at your window in the morning chanting? They are probably extending the greetings of your lover.

71. All of me, all of you quote

“The all of me was created for you totally; I want all of you at all time. Your imperfection as a lady is never a problem for me”.
If you are religious, after worshiping God, another important obligation you have got on earth is to be extend your ability to your wife. She is one of the sole reasons you are on earth.

72. Let me say more about love

“I love you and I say it, but I want to say more because it is not enough”.
If you are yet to derive satisfaction from the word “I love you”, don’t relent, continue searching, I’m sure you are about getting another one.

73. Relentless love quote

“My love for you is forever indefatigable. Please accept it with all mind”.
Your love for her should be resilient, resistant, hard and buoyant. Show her all you can to let her accept all you have got.

74. You are a rare germ

“When I first saw you, I only saw beauty in you but never knew you have got these much pleasing complements”.
What a man wants in a woman is not only beauty, but sometimes, all you might see at first will be beauty but as time goes on and proper appraisal is done, you will find other things.

75. Science and love quote

“You are the queen of my hearth much more than how math was rated the queen of science”.
How much more can you rate your beloved, she is actually worth it if she maintain true and sincere love with you.

76. You are my lever

“Archimedes said, hand over to me a lever and a place to stand, then, I can move on earth. But for me, I will say give me life and you and I will live”.
She can serve as your control, switch, pedal, handle and more depending on her position in your heart.

77. Information about your love.

“All of me want to be in all of you so that I will get informed about you all”.

Live in her and you will get more informed about her than before. This rhetorically means patiently understanding and studying her. If you like, you can honor yourself a degree after the study. The study does not end.

78. How much more love quote

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you …………., how much more can I say it to inform you of my emotion”.
Your emotions are speechless and therefore, if not related in words, your partner might fail to translate it perfectly. Carve, forge, invent words the way you can to convince her.

79. Love for actuality

“I love you for what you are, what you were and what you want to become”.
When you want to love, do not deceive yourself by feigning things for your heart. Know who she is very well, the type of crabby girl she had been and the fussy girl she wants to be.

80. Every tidbit of love counts

“I want to love you in tidbits so that I can know every iota of you”.
Make all your emotions count in a relationship, don’t rush at getting things. Steady things are better understood than accelerated things. 

81. I love you than seesaw

“I love you more than we used to like seesaw swing when we were kids.  My feeling about love is high”.
Kids are ardent lover of seesaw swing, but as growth comes, they changed their interest. Change your interest and proliferate it. 

82. Long long love

“My love for you had no beginning because it had started before I knew, God knows how long”.
When you see a girl for the first time and her love rises to the top in your heart, it might be that such love had existed before but her faced just unleashed it that day. Some love has no beginning.

83. Delicacy about love

“You are such a dainty piece in my life, I hold you with optimum carefulness”. 
When dealing with females in love relating matters, you need to handle such cases with care because it is fragile. Girls themselves are fragile so your lover may be fragile, exquisite, beautiful, goody and more. Handle her with care

84. All about February 14, gift.

"All I want from you on February 14 is your love because it suffices me."
Some might be dashing, rushing and hustling to get gift from the partner when valentine come. Don’t rush for such, getting her and her confidence in you suffices you.

85. Loved, still and forever quote.

“Have always loved you, still love you and I will forever love you”.
Relentless and tireless love is magically, you sometime don’t understand what is driving it. True feelings are driving it.

86. Two most special reason for your love

“I love you for two reasons, I love you because I love myself and I love you because I love you”.
If you love her because you love yourself, that means that she is one of the best thing that happens to you and you really desire her. If you love her because you love her, that means you are happy loving her. Stride on.

87. Indispensable love

“My love for you gets renewed every moment, no one wants you more than I do”.
Don’t let your love get obsolete, renew it every now and then, it makes it last longer and indispensable.

88. The two half about love

“Before meeting you, I was half, and I met you being my other half. Now I am complete”.
You are meant to complement one another see her as the other part of you that is cannot be disengaged from you. She makes you complete.

89. Intriguing face

“You face feels more intriguing than any tourist center in the world”.
Her face might seem like the best tourist center in the world if you appreciate her and always want to see it. Such face will be enticing to you.

90. With love quote

“With love, I want to love you more than love. If I were a betty man, I will place all my worth on you. Welcome to my love world”.
A betty man is specialized in betting, if he places a large portion of is worth on something, he is sure of it, how much more the one who placed his entire savings.

91. How you feel for her

“Anytime I wake up, I feel pretty about love for you my woman”.
When we wake up from sleep, our cells are regenerated and our thinking is enhanced. If you think about her at this time, you truly love her.

92. History: about love

“Let me tell you the history about the love I hold, I used to keep my feelings before I met you, but it became immortal when I met you”.

You can make her appreciate you by telling her how her love metamorphosis in your heart and how things were before you loved her.

93. Rescued from suicide by love

“The day I met you was they day I intended committing suicide but was rescued by your love”.

People get tired of life without knowing that it was caused by nonexistence of love in their life. Love someone today and be rescued. 

Romantic Quotes And Sayings

Talking about our interesting in love, it dates beyond two century. A loving heart does everything to make love grow.
When you fall in love, or decided to have a serious relationship, you begin to have some obstacles, either from the one you love or from external bodies who hardly understand what love is.
It is understandable that love is beyond our imaginations, however we can set forward some romantic love quotes to inspire the one we love to say yes repeatedly.
Below quotes actually does it beyond our belief.

1. Thank you my lover:

When you intend thanking the one you trust, romantic quotes are ideal for such.
“I do thank my lord for giving me a good man to marry, associating me with someone who cares for me beyond my parent.”

2. Statement of love:

“If I say I love you, people say it is mere world. Now that I am acting it, you are here to judge the true romance I give you every night and day.”
Some statement are better said than being kept. Love should be revealed and to hidden. When you don’t hide it, it show how much you care.

3. Reminiscence of love:

“Many times, I remember the ship, and the anchor. And when I do, I know you are like an anchor to my ship. Thank you love.”
Keep on thinking about love, it matter not. Love is worth being thought about every time.

4. Your Promise Kept:

“Since you promised to be with me, I need no security. I have kept my heart in your save. I love you my dear.”

Kindly promise what you can achieve. Love is not fulfilled with impossible promises.

5. Your kiss makes me smile:

“Kiss me anytime, but don’t think of stopping when I am still alive. Kiss me till the end.”

No body resist kiss especially when it comes from the one you cherish. Love is built on hugs and kisses.

6. Love is rewarding:

“I profited like a business man the moment I met you. I cannot let go of the past you made beautiful and the present you design for future progress.”

How is love and business related? They are. When the one you love is doing everything to make your business successful.

7. When you surprise me:

“You really surprised me with your tender care. The way you fondle me is rear, your smile makes me grow wings, and my happiness is in your laughter.”

Surprise comes with love. The angel of your life won’t stop surprising you. It is normal. What a romantic quote.

8. You are my breath:

“When I needed extra breath, I call you. When I needed extra kiss, I message you. You are all in one lover I cannot regret meeting. You are romantic.”

When romantic lovers meet for the first time, love has begun. The beginning of love signals how it will end.

9. Our affection is deep:

“When I remember how deep your love for me is, I cry and smile at the same time. You are always on my mind.”

How do you reflect that someone loves you? One very noticeable way is his or her talk with you. When he or she smiles, it denotes love.

10. Hot Lover:

“You are hot and sexy, lively and cute. I cannot mistakenly let you go off my shoulder. I will love you forever.”

Sexy lovers hold a great place in the society, they are one in town. I adore this cute loving quotes.

11. Move close:

“You told me to come closer, then I experienced a hug. You smile, and I experienced a kiss. When you say you love me, let me experience the whole of you in a second.”

Close lover are one in town. Relationship grows when there is no distance between lovers. I got the clue of this love message from Serenata flowers.

12. Time to Love:

“The time I gave you my life, I love it that way. I am here to suffer because of you, and go through hell to please you.”

There is time for everything. Don’t use the time to love to do anything aside that.

13. Crying for you:

“Sometimes, I cannot stop crying because I did not meet you earlier than this. Start thinking of how to make my life better. I love you, my dear.”

Do you think it is bad to cry for the sake of love? It is not. It all depends on the kind of reasoning you have got.

14. What a heart:

“Don’t take somebody else’s heart, but mine. It is yours already. I love you.”

The one you love owns your heart, your body and your soul. Give him or her everything.

15. What a night:

“If I ever needed sleepless night, let it be because of you. If I needed to keep awake unnecessarily, let it be because of you. I trust you, dear.”

Sleepless night is bound to happen, but it should be for the right person and not ordinary.

16. Smile for me:

“You smile when I cry, I don’t count it. It will only make me to say thank you darling.”

Smiles make relationship awesome, it keeps it in shape. At the same time, it makes it good for others to emulate.

17. Times without number:

“Many a number of times, I smile when I see you. I laugh when you message me. When you say hi, I want to keep on hearing your voice. Thanks for been my lover.”

When your woman is smiling, indirectly you are smiling. You are one in two, and two in one. Just take it that way.

18. You Are My Girl:

“Now that I am your girl, can I have your kisses and hugs?”

Your girl is not just a mere person, she deserve attention, a good one you cannot give anybody.

19. Promise To Be My Support:

“Promise to be my support come what may, talk about my problems and teach me to resolve it. I sincerely love you.”

Support your woman with all you have got. Let your lover receive all forms of support from you.

20. Don’t go:

“I fall in love with you because of trust, supported you because you are always there for me. Please don’t ever go.”

Don’t allow the person you cherish to go without perfecting you. Love is beyond smile, hugs, and kisses.

True love Quotes And Saying

21. Without you quotes.
“Have you ever thought about how about the sky will be without the moon, even if the stars are there? Exactly what I will be like if you are not there even if other girls exit”. 
Living without your lover on earth is like a mystery, you will not be able to explain it when it happens, do not wish to experience it. Life is hard without love.

22. Understanding more of you.

“I want you to understand me more and better, so that you will be more of me than me”.

Know her better than she understands herself will help your relationship. Tell her various stories, ask questions and see her reaction. Knowing what vexes your partner is also good, it will make you keep away from such things.

23. Consideration feelings and sayings.

“I feel for you more than you can ever think, because the convince of a tree determines the wellbeing of a bird”.

When things go bad, empathize with her send her series of messages including short love quotes. This will make her know that you still love her amidst all predicaments.

24. Speeches of my dreams

“Before meeting you, I always miss you since my dreams told me I will meet you one day”.

Some love can be incredible and marvelous than what can ever be imagined. Just because you know the kind of partner you want, you will be sensitive about it and will be curious to find such.  

25. Short love quote for appreciation

“I thank God for meeting you, you made me a better me”.

Who are you before meeting your partner, what are you, now that you are in love with your partner, this calls for evaluation and revaluation, it makes you know the kind of partner you’ve got. Tell her through various quotes and sayings.

26. I mutter you name every moment

“Kids do not talk about love during their juvenile age, but I have been muttering you name since my infancy”.

Some met their lover since childhood, they see each other and speak on daily basis. Talk, stutter and mutter names of each other at every moment.

27. Don’t blame me

“Do not blame me for my stuttering speeches when we meet, love clogs my throat”.

Your lover can make your heart pound in multitudes, stutter your speeches when speaking. When you find speaking with partner tough, think of short and true love quotes and exude it to her.

28. With and without you love quote

“I have spent more years without you dreaming about you but more achievement with you thinking about you”.

What has been your achievement since you met your lover? Since you met, have you experience relieve. Her thought should bring you hope. More hopes are coming your way soon.

29. Finding how be together endlessly

“Now, I want to jettison loving you and look for things that can mutilate our love so that we can crush it and be together endlessly”.

How well have you research on knowing what devastates your partner, people see it as not necessary sometimes. Try your lover with various things and questions.

30. Your call arouses me

“The night wakes up from slumber all because of love call from the sun, I will jettison everything all because of your whisper”.

Are you ready to answer your when she calls you with true love quotes and sayings. Try to reply her with various short love quotes too so that she can appreciate.

31. My love is not blind

“People say love is blind but for me love illuminates my path”.

Do not join them in ushering the statement love is blind. Your love should make things more visible to your partner, her sayings should make your see the truth about love.

32. Love gives me different perspective.

“Sometimes I find myself seeing you alone while I’m amid multitude of crowd, am I in another world”?

Sometimes your heart will give you virtual image of your lover and it will seem like you are crazy. Sometimes, her word and sayings related to love matter may echo in your ears and mind.

33. The beginning of my blessings

“Let the day begins with your name and the blessings shall be great”.

True love makes you hear exiting stories and sayings, they may be short or long. Begin your day with your lover.

34. Unlocking cloggy path

“You have made me unlock the cloggy path, thank you for interjecting in my life”.

Your lover will light your path, direct you to the right path. His words alone can propel you and unravel things for you.

35. The true meaning of love.

“I see the true love quotes you send to me, they give me the true meaning of love”.

Implore your lover to send you messages, quotes and saying, it make you derive more love.

36. Better understanding of love

“When I send you love quotes, they might be short, but they contain the true meaning of love”.

Ask for messages from your lover, so that you will remember her for good endlessly. Message brings remembrance.

37. You will be mine until the end.

“I have been tailgating you all because of love for years so that you will be mine in the end”.

Patience and perseverance has a lot of gain. While pursuing your partner and she is yet to give you positive reply, exercise more patience.

38. I was born alone.

“Do you think I will live alone because I was born alone? I was created for you, we will live together forever”.

It takes two to tangle, you alone came out from your mother that day does not mean that your life will be spent with loneliness. 

39. The inner force.

“The force and voice that lie inside of me is being propelled by love”.

Tell your lover what lies in you and how you feel with it. Are you tired of saying it to her at all moment, quotes and sayings could be the perfect option.

40. Embrace me with love.

“Please open your hands and mind so that you can grab me with love”.

Please open your mind should be another quote or request you should make to your lover. Mind is a better coddler than arm.

41. I am fond of you my love.

“Children are fond of playing with doors but it hurts their finger, I am fond of love but it does not hurt me”.

You will love her more than anything, nothing will be more cherishing than your lovers image. This is not to toy with her like the way kids toy with doors.

42. Your face reveal true love.

“When I see you, I see true love, when you speak, I hear love quotes, and when you are silent saying nothing, I will perceive short love quotes from your mind, what an incredible human”.

What you reveal to me is all about love because you are incredible. Your silence means a lot.

43. For productivity, it is me and you.

“For sound to be made with musical instruments, it takes more than one, for me to be made, it take me and you”.

You make me the real person I want to be and it is not possible without you.

44. I need your dream all days.

“When I sleep without dreaming about you, I feel like sleeping again”.

I big part of my dream is about you and it comes frequently and if I don’t, sleep seems like I did not and I will want another.

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