From Children To Mothers Birthday Messages –Birthday Wishes For Mothers

The care our mothers gave us while we were young call for sending them cute happy birthday messages on their day.
If your mother is alive and kicking, send her a happy birthday message in appreciation.
To do this, get any of these messages are send to her.
From Children To Mothers Birthday Messages –Birthday Wishes For Mothers

1. Gold and diamond are valuable. I look around for something I can use to measure your worth in my life, but I could not find anything even gold and diamond, because there is nothing to replace you on this earth. I love you mama, happy birthday.

2. Everything has season, raining season and dry season, day and night, young and old, summer and winter, but your love has no time and season. Thank for been there for me always, happy birthday.

3. Whenever I remember how you use to beat me in other to correct me, the way you always teach me, the way you advise me to be a better person. All these have made me whom I am today. If not for you, my life would have been nothing today. Thanks for not given up on me. You are such a wonderful mother, happy birthday.

4. Once upon a time, something wonderful happened that called for the whole earth to rejoice. The joy of that day still feels the earth till today. Thanks for bringing that joy into our family because without you, the joy of our family would not be complete. As you are a source of joy to our family, you well never become our sorrow. Happy birthday

5. According to family setting, the mother is the pillar of the house. When the pillar is weak, the house will collapse. Your support for the family has made our house to be together in one peace. Glory be to God that our pillar is still strong and healthy. Happy birthday.

6. Someone can regret having a particular job, wife, carrier, friends, relationship and even mother. But I am not regretting having you as my mother because I have searched for mother like you on this earth but I could not find anyone I can compare to you. You are such an indispensable mother. Having you as my mother is the best that ever happen to me. Happy birthday.

7. This day makes me remember the time I would sleep and I would feel a worm hands carrying me gently to the room, cover my body with cloth and put my neck on the pillow and woke me up to dress for school. If not for you that did not rest because of me what would have happen to me. Thank you mama for these and many more. Happy birthday.

8. When others reject me, you accept me. When others ignore me, you embrace me. When others forsake me, you stand by me. When others forget me, you always remember me. Mummy I just want to say I love. Happy birthday.
9. The word mother means M= Mentor, O= Observant, T= Trainer, H= Helper, E= Everywhere, R= Reliable.
10. Mother is the MENTOR that OBSERVEs her TRAINEE and HELPs them in time of needs because she is always EVERYWHERE and RELIABLE at all time. What a wonderful mother I have. Happy birthday.

Our mothers are awesome. A happy birthday message to them is not too big a gift.

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