5 Love Poems For Boyfriends: Cute Love Poems For Him

These love poems are to make your relationship dip, they are meant to increase your
affection. If you have someone you have entrusted your hear, any of this love poems is good for him.

 Love Poems For Boyfriends

My Prince, My Love

You are my prince,
one I cannot sell at any price.
You light up my world, sometimes
Darkness gets so pissed with me.
You are sweet and efficient,
Loyal and present anytime I need u
You feel my life and heart with
So much joy and I cannot help but think
Why I deserve this much?
I know I am not the funniest to be with,
neither do I claim to be the best joke cracker
But with you, I feel like I can crack even,
The hardest of ribs
You’re still my prince, and
 I’ll never give you up for any price

With You Is the Love
I found love with you; I found true love only with you,
whenever you go far away from me,
Though it has only been seconds I left,
I have missed you for years already.
I have been known to be an untamable storm,
I wonder why this calm self of yours,
Has been able to do the undo-able
You have a way of holding unto me,
Even in the most complicated situations,
Just please hold me that way,
As I have nothing else to hold onto.
I know I truly found love; I found true love only with you.

Distant But Present

You are not here, but it still feels so much like you are,
You have only left your memories with me,
But I feel like you are here with me physically.
Is it really possible that I have found my present in your past?
Is it possible that even in your absence, I can feel my presence?
The past can only be behind us,
I have seen my present with you,
And I intend to go into the future.
I don’t know why it feels so much like you are here,
Even when I know that you are not.

Love Poems For Boyfriends 4: I believe Through You
You have succeeded in making me believe,
That you love me, even more than I do you,
I can relate with that,
And I promise that I’m yours.
I am yours through the day, sliding into the night,
I am yours in both harsh and favorable weathers,
I am yours.
I am yours through good times and bad times,
I am yours even before you ask me to.
I was yours yesterday,
And I will be yours tomorrow,
You need not ask me,
I have it sealed up in my head
You love me, even more that I do you.

Why I Love You

Whenever I am asked, why I love you so much,
I have no answer to give,
I have loved you to a fault,
Presently, I do not care where this love takes me,
As long as I love you
I am also asked a question which says;
What is your definition of love?
I had only one answer
My boyfriend…
He is the only definition of love that I know,
That I can think of.
My soul has been linked to yours,
I know I have no answer to give right now,
But whenever I am asked what love is?
I will give the same answer again.

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