Simple Happy Birthday Messages: Birthday Wishes For Trusted Friends

Celebrating Birthday is a thing of pride today that hardly can you find someone who resists a happy birthday messages. Sending one to those you care about is not just awesome.
Simple Happy Birthday Messages: Birthday Wishes

1. Knowing that someone cherishes you, understanding that someone continues to have you in the deepest portion of his heart, and wants you more, bring you joy and eternal peace of mind. Knowing that someone will never forget your day, come what may, makes you feel on top of the world. You are that unique soul. Happy birthday. 

2.  I wish you remained blessed all time. I prayed every second of your life is brightened. Here are my cheers that all your efforts are perfected. With this Happy Birthday, be motivated and elevated!

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3. Here comes the gift, made of heaven’s papers, inked with gold, and your name inscribed with good look. If it ever reaches you, know that it is purposely made for special people and that you are! Happy belated birthday.

4. To you, my cherished friend is a paper rolling like a plane, designed with balloons in different colours, dedicated to someone more than a friend. Happy birthday to you.

5.  With a smile, every bend becomes straightened, and all wrinkles are sent packing. This smile, I post to you today, hope it makes every wrong about you right and gives you memorable days. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes

6. Until we meet, no one has made me happy, all has been down, but you came to make my existence right in every way. Now it is your day, may good things never leave you for a second. Happy birthday, friend.

7.  I send you lines of celebrations knowing it is your day. I join the world in commending your diligent years of existence on this planet earth and pray all your effort be crowned majestically. Happy Birthday!

8. Confidants are not pessimists; they give vigour when all roads seem blocked. They are not little friends, but the ones that receive you with absolute joy, give you the benefit of doubts and are ready to help you harness your potentials. I am happy you are one, a friend in a million. Happy birthday.

9. Receive this birthday gifts, full of blessings and packed with joy and peace, packaged in sweetness and celebrations, purposely to wish you a happy birthday. Hurray!

10. While some rejoice the day will end soon, some are happy the week is running to its end, I am here rejoicing it is your day. Happy birthday.

11. On this day, a hero was birthed, a king was unveiled, and you are just the light that keeps us growing from then. Happy birthday to a hero.

12. Excitement and joy in gallons, for you on your day. Happiness and merry, in folds for you alone. Happy Birthday.

13. With messages of prosperity, allow GOD to furnish your day with shining rays, watered with water from the blue sky. Have choice have I then to wish you happy birthday loaded with prosperity, happiness, and success. Happy birthday.

14. Hope this letter meets you in an elevated mood, I pray it changes your success story, and bring you out of the woes that wreck others. Today is your day, rejoice while you break new ground.

15. Don’t cry because your past was full of mistakes that are hard to change. Don’t be sad because your future is not now. Make use of the present, and let people use you as a motivation. Happy birthday.

16. While others fail, you climbed the hills and excelled. While others fall, you cared less about the rough roads and made it, while others sink, you are here swimming in wealth. You never mind for once but faced realities of the planet. Now you are here making everything right. It is your day, take advantage of it. Happy Birthday.

17. So many friends have failed me, but you, an asset sent by God, stood firmly by me. That is the reason I respect you, and will always give you a dove of my cap. Happy birthday to you.

18. Take my regards and convert it into the pleasure that brightens your day. Accept my wishes and let it be your goals... You never can tell whose message will rebrand you. Happy birthday.

19. Take all dreams important from now. Let nothing set you back because you are a man already. Dream, and it shall be, by His Grace. Happy birthday God’s love.

20. If any day has to be memorable, let it be today. If any day has to bring joy and constant laughter, o Lord, let it be today. May today, be your best day. Enjoy your birthday with joy. Hurray!

21. When the light comes, darkness vanishes, now that you are with us, our glory increases and not even a reason exists for us to cry. You have been the backbone; we are happy you came at the right time. Happy birthday.

22. If happiness is all you need, today will bring eternal joy. If all you want is a success like never before, today will channel it to your yard. I wish you many happy returns.

23. From morning to night, brightness and happiness shall not depart you. From January to December, may you not be deprived of joy and peace. From now on, your days shall be full of blooming success. Happy birthday to the one I cherish.

24. Fill your days, with enough reasons to stand out. Fill your month, with genuine reasons to be the best, while you do, remember today is for you. Hurray!

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25. Prayer is your bedrock; you need it more than before. Happiness will not leave you, now that you have all it takes to be great. Go, but never forget your dreams, you are now created to make it happen. Happy birthday.

26. Here is a mighty cake, sent to make you happy in all the days of your life. Here is a prayer, designed to give you the strength to make it. Today is your birthday, no wonder it is wonderful and colorful. (‘,’,’) (;’;’;) (‘,’,’,’,’) (‘,’,’) (;’;’;) (‘,’,’,’,’)

27. This personal confidant deserves a colourful celebration. You show concern for good things and add to the success of others. Why won’t you flourish than your equal? Happy birthday.

28. When I smile, you are the reason. When I progress, remember you lend a hand. You are the source of my happiness and joy, the only peace that I always have. May this your day raise you above others. Happy Birthday my special friend.

29. Even though people find it hard to appreciate you, to me, you are the lubricant that keeps the world moving and the fuel that humans need in gallons. From the bottom of our heart, and the deepest part of our souls, we wish you a birthday full of happiness in every way.
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