10+ Birthday Wishes For October People : Birthday Messages For Heroes

Celebrities are born in October. When you have someone whose birthday is October, begin to send this birthday messages to them.

  1. There is something entirely special about the 10th month of the year, this month is the second ember month, and it is blessed because a being like you was brought into the world in this month. Happy birthday to you baby girl, just keep shinning.
  2. You are every kind, you are very persistent, you get very emotional, and it makes you look cuter than you already are. This month is your month, please break a leg... Happy birthday to you.
  3. Happy birthday to my one in a million, my October baby's s she likes to call herself, keep shinning and keep dancing, the world is yet to have the best of you.
  4. Today would not be complete if I do not wish you abhappy birthday coupled with long life and prosperity in everything that you do.
  5. Today I pray for you, just as you are having your birthday in the 10th of the year, I pray for you that everything you ever want in this life comes to you in double folds. Have fun today you deserve every bit of it.
  6. This birthday is one that I have waited for for a very long time now, 9 months ago I was busy cooking up and looking for nice messages to send to my one in a million. And I found it. You are a star, and you continue to shine brighter and brighter, you have filled my life with so much joy, as this month is your birthday month, I wish you everything that you wished yourself and every other thing you forgot to wish yourself. Cheers honey.
  7. Happy birthday to a darling. October is a girly month, Its a lovely month and a month of enormous downpour from heaven for you. Just keep being you. I love you is all I can say.
  8. Just as the rain never ceases to pour its content out to the earth, so will the blessings assigned to you not cease from getting to your dwelling place. This month is special and it is all about a special person.
  9. It’s all about you in this month, the inference day for Nigeria, you set people free, you make them live a life of freedom; this is what I love about you my honey. Thank you for always being the best mum on earth. I love you to the moon and back.
  10. Happy belated birthday to you honey, this month is the best month of my life in every year because I met you in this month and your birth happened in this month. You are my life, my heart, my body and my world. Today the world is joyous because you are celebrating.
  11.  You are charming, compassionate, intelligent, and strong. The best part of it all is that you chose to be my friend. We have shared so much with each other and I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. Happy birthday my love You done grow small.

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