20+ Thinking Of You Quotes And Messages That Make Your Relationship Strong

As our relationship grows, thoughts of love fall in into our heart. While this come in, it is not too bad to show you care with quotes reflecting your mind to that special one. This makes your relationship glow higher than your action.

20+ Thinking Of You Quotes That Make Your Relationship Strong

1. Every time when I close my eyes, I think of you, I think of your face, I think of your smile; I see you smiling at me, your beauty and elegance has helped to light up my day unto a perfect day.

2. You are always in my thoughts baby, you rule and rock my world. I cannot stop thinking of you.

3. Sometimes I sit down, and I always try to think about what you might be doing at that particular moment, and every time I have guessed right.

4. Thinking of you is one of the most dutiful things that I have found myself doing. Thank you for keeping me occupied.

5. Stay with me babe, you will definitely know how much you fill my thoughts. Is it sane to always feel you? This proves that I miss you beyond that.

6. I cannot sleep or eat without a thought of you... I don't want to loose it on your love.

7. I'll send my love baby, to keep you in bad times and in distress. When you think of my love and how much I miss you, you would understand then.

8. Things can only get better for us fI have you by day, and I have good memories that we have shared together by night.

9. Having you by my side is a dream come true for me, I love an appreciate your presence in my life, and that is why I always long to see you, even after I have just seen you moments ago.

10. You are the perfect one for me, and you compound my desires to have you by my side always.

11. Forget about your past, your present is here, I am your present, think about me just as I do you.

12. Will you be the only one for me? oh Baby you're my desire, the only thing I require for my life.

 13. Baby I will be your best friend, because I love you and are you, and I'm thinking of you.

14. Am I in your thoughts? Just as you are in mine.. If not put me there now.

15. Many will envy, many will hate is for loving each other this way, but what will many do when they know they are unable to take you out of my heart and my head.

16. I'll put you in my heart and not in my head, for if i put you in my head, you could ache, but if I put you in my heart, you would be enriched.

17. No mountain seems high enough for me not to climb as long as you are in the other side. Therefore no one thought about you is wasted, as long as it is about you.

 18. Think deep, climb high, go places, do things, see people, you will never leave the position I have kept you in my life. You're my special number one.

19. Have mercy on me Oh God. For I have loved a woman more than I should love you. But my love for her has helped me love you more than I used to.

20. You are so precious, that I dream of you every second of my life

21. These moments, I cannot say you are not my everything. It is hard to think or say.

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