Love Poem For Your Woman: Love Song For Her

The unimaginable functions of love poems make it unavoidable in relationship realm. While women hold to the fact that sending one to lovers in the morning and night instill more love, they are as well of the opinion that love poems seals love.
Lot of relationships survived hard time with love songs serving as a quench for adversity. When love poems interest you, find one you can send to your girlfriends anytime. Here are five purposely for your woman.

Love Poem For Your Woman: Love Song For The Babe

Love Poem For Your Woman: Love Song For Her

1. That I Love You
You are a spice and an ice,
you sweeten the bitter part of me,
 and help to chill me down when I’m so hot.
You are a positive bizarre,
an angel in blazers;
You see the best in me and help with my flaws,
you rekindle the fire in me,
and makes me go higher.
You are a light, one that
the night did not see coming.
You are born of flesh but yet made so heavenly.
You honour me with your availability,
in my littleness, I still feel great.
You are a light, one that the night,
did not see coming.

2. Your Face Is My Source Of Happiness
Happy am I whenever I get to see your face,
it is true what they say,
an angel from heaven,
drops by every morning.
Do pardon me if I flatter you.
It is just a matter of the heart.
One day I will gaze on you,
and in that moment, I will know.
I have found my forever,
who I am in your hands,
am I worth more than gold and silver?
What I see with you,
is better than riches and fame.
I have loved you from the first day we met,
i know because I met you.

3. Beauty Is Love

Love they say is a beautiful thing,
I feel that for you, but
I have a correction to make.
Love is not as beautiful as you are,
love is only beautiful because it comes from you.
My point is established to an extent,
I have found love,
though it found me first.
Beauty is what you are,
beauty in love is an added advantage.
The stars and moon have their own beauty,
it comes with specifications.
Your beauty is all round, not seasonal.
Attractiveness they say, is in the eyes of the beholder,
Beauty makes perfect, but corrections.
Still beating made,
you make beauty perfect.

5. I Search For Love In Places
I have sought to find love in different places,
none was as promising as you.
If you could be by side,
I know I'll be fine.
Your shadows even tempt the holiest of men,
what then would your body do?
I could look on and on, gaze and stare,
pause a while, and I still won't find a flaw.
Your love for me, is irreplaceable,
just as my love for you cannot be substituted,
instead it can be used as a replacement for you.
You are perfect, you are made from perfection.
I still have found no flaw.

6. Your Thought I Feel
I can read your thoughts, and I know what you feel,
many have come and gone,
but none have come to stay, like I have.
I have found a resting place,
a place to lay my weary head.
You are a force that drives me, a pulling device,
made me attached.
I cannot help but notice myself,
i have grown to love you more,
even without my notice.
I love you is all I can say,
that love that Cain lacked.
I love you deeply,
Which is inexplicable and not quantifiable.
I love you is all I have to say.

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