200 Desirable Quotes That Tell You What Love Is About

Love is about many things, in defining it or in understanding what love is, here are quotes you need to understand what love is all about.

200 Desirable Quotes That Tell You What Love Is About

“Love lasts forever, with you I feel like love is the ultimate”
“For you I’ll give up my life and my heart and my love, which is the most precious thing I have”.
“Would you take my heart and lavish your love on me, it is soothing to the soul”.
“This world keeps us apart, but love keeps us together”.

“When I think about you, I feel like live was the best choice I made amongst all things”.
“Is it alright if I love you, honestly, I do not know how to do anything other thing”.
“My fever for you, burns deep inside my soul, but I do not ache”.
“I do not have so many words to say to you, but I hope my love will be enough explanation”.
“Take my hand, and let’s I’ve this dream together, loving each other without regrets”.
“A new Mon in the sky for us, our love has been renewed by the heavens”.
“I would definitely thank the stars for making our paths cross, it is the best thing in my life”.
“I would wait on you till I drift into a deeper slumber never to come back again”.
“If your love is this beautiful, I never want to experience your hate”.
“My soul longs for you, my shadow aches for your presence, my live for you knows no bounds”.
“Where I see darkness, you light up my world, whenever I feel depressed you give me a dose of love”.
“I never want to be apart from you, I would go crazy within seconds”.
“Love is a beautiful thing they say, with you, love is the best thing to experience”.
“I do not have to say I love you I would show you what love can do”.
“It is no longer news that love makes you feel alive and well on your inside”.
“One needs to experience love every now and then, it prologs a life span”.
“I do not know what I would have done without your love, it will always be cherished”.
“For as long as I live, I will give my life to loving you truly without remorse”.
“Love would have meant nothing, if it did not come from you”.
“When my hearts feels like it has been cracked into pieces, your live stitches it up”.
"If you ELT this love blossom, be sure that I’ll be here for a long time”.
“The depth of my love for you cannot be compared to the depth of the largest oceans”.
“Love takes away your breath at rimes, making you wonder how it could be so beautiful”.
“Love makes you take decent decisions at accurate times”.
“If you have experienced love, you have known a heavenly secret”.

  Every Day Quotes That Tell What Love Is About

“My tears amidst laughter shows the point to which I’m happy I have your love”.
“Do we sit under the tree in the moonlight talking about our love? It would be gun to do that”.
“I could be an amateur, but I feel like a frown man with your love all over me”.
“I don’t love you with conditions, I give my unconditional love to you forever”.
“Love helps you to be kind and sweet”.
“She is beautiful and sweet, she has love that is why”.
“She only knows how to love, little wonder she looks like an angel”.
“Our biography would be filled with how we loved each other till the end, I can promise you that”.
“My love has no hidden pain, it has no hidden guilt, my love for you is free as a bird”.
“She is strong and sarcastic, how could you be my resting place”?
“My home will forever be with you, we’ll face these odds together”.
“When storms come, my love will be synced to yours to overcome the storm”.
“Whatever it takes, I’ll achieve the unachievable with you by the power of our love”.
“When you feel dejected, reach out to me, I’ll come running”.

Quotes That Tell Him What Love Is About

 “My love for him would make me lay down my heart and live for him, he deserves every bit of it”.

“Do I promise, or do I swear, that this love story is forever”.
“Whatever it takes, I’ll see this love story through till the unending end”.
“Hold my hands and let’s walk this journey of love together. It might get hard, but as long as we are holding each other, ease will come our way”.
“She is like a nurtured flower, she holds so much nutrients”.
“She means the world to me, she is live and I have love for her”.
“For you I would go to the end of the earth, if there was one to prove my live for you”.
“Please love me just the way I am, I’m just a beast who needs a beauty”.
“My love for you is as certain as the sun rising in the east”.
“Love from her is like money that’s never ending in a bank account”.
“There are no rules to love, you love truly and wholeheartedly”.
“No one would be there for you like I would, I’m ready to give you my everything”.
“You need love everyday to go through this cruel world”.
“Ever since I have found you, I have found new hope, new faith, and everlasting love”.
“Since you came into my life, you turned all my hurts into blushing. I love you”.
“My nightmares vanished since you came—you brought peace of mind”.
“Can you see the shiny stars, our love will outshine them”.
“Love would brings people closer, true love would make them stay forever”.
“Take me as I am, I brought along just my love for you”.
“You take my breathe away, you make me come alive. Your love is a soothing balm”.
“Against all odds, I’ll make our love story thrive”.
“Through thick and thin, through hard and good times, be sure that my love will be constant”.
“My love for him knows no bounds, I am lucky to be part of this”.
“If not for your love, I do not know how else I would have lived”.
“Life seems miserable without love, a life without love has blemishes”.
“Let our skies collide, let our love triumph into an everlasting dawn”.
“You take my breath away, you fill my life with so much goodness”.
“Your love is a pill I would love to take every day, a pill I could never get high on”.
“We started as shy amateurs, living with each other truly, and now the result is mind blowing”.
“I thought I could not love truly until I met the true definition of love which is you”.
“The stars are uncountable, you would lose count if you try counting, that is how much my love is for you”.
“Love when tasted undiluted, gives growth to the body, mind and soul”.
“A number of times, I have chosen different paths when it come to love, I’m glad yours did not elude me”.
“This amazing feeling I feel with you is simply called love”.
“Can you take my hands; let's make this love an emulation for others”.
“I'll walk the long roads with you, and climb the high mountains for you”.
“If I say I love you, would you believe me? I have loved no other like I do for you”.
“Mountains are high, oceans are deep, the sky is not within our reach; this is the length of my love for you”.
“She is different from random women, she fits randomly in my heart”.
“She is made of fine gold, I would be a beast not to nurture her”.
“He is patient and kind, if that is all love is about, then I’m in for it”.
“She fits well in my circle, her love has no bruising edges”.
“The beginning of our love story will only be written, there would be no visible reference to the end”.
“Will love triumph in hard times? Yes ours would”.
“Don’t make hasty decisions, take it one at a time, I am here to stay”.
“I can almost read your thoughts, they are filled with memories of me”.
“Live life like there is no tomorrow, you enjoy love more when you love like it's your last chance”.
“I know it seems hard, but I’ll depend on our love to help us go higher”.

Quotes For Her To Express What Love Is About

“As silly as I can be, in the face of love, I am the most dedicated and steadfast student you can find”.
“My love for her is like an Iroko tree—it took long to grow but it lasted longer”.
“When I saw rise my eyes, includes the dram and fight, I’m down for you girl”.
“There are many ways to love someone, mine is the most unique of them all”.
“You take away my mere smile and replaced it with joy, you unleash your love into the deepest parts of my soul”.
“From within, I feel love, around me I see love, love is everywhere with you around me”.
“I'll wait till you, are ready to love me, I have found my resting place with you”.
“He loves truly and he loves hard, the rare qualities to truly find in a man”.
“I made my one dream come true by having you in my life, you are the best”.
“Love is the tiniest and most important thing in anyone’s life”.
“Love is not given to people who are perfect, it is enacted between two people who strive to make each other grow”.
“Love is not a do or die affair, instead it is a given expression of feelings that wishes to be accepted”.
“Love should have no hurt at all, and that’s why it cures the hurtful souls”.
“It is not love who came, it's two lovebirds who came, saw and conquer”.
“Love lives you breathless, but with a longer life”.
“Love makes you wonder, but it clears all your doubts”.
“Love makes you scared at times, but it gives you an assured protection”.
“Love makes your body ache with excitement, but gives you strength to carry on”.
“Love takes away all your bitterness and gives you sweetness in return”.
“Love consoles you in your hardest moments, it make you thrive further”.
“He supports and nurtures, he says it's a lifestyle; I call it a lovable lifestyle”.
“You do not have to be the best at what you do, love singles you out from the crowd”.
“If I had love, I need nothing else in my life”.
“When you feel like letting go, when it comes down to your last chance, I’ll be waiting on you”.
“When you feel like everything has changed, I’ll remain constant in your life”.
“No one would see us and call us the best, but we love the best no doubt”.
“Our love was settled from the heavens, we were just allowed to meet the wrong people as lessons”.
“Make hay while our love blossoms”.
“As simple as you think it is to love, it comes from dedication”.
“If I’m for you then I’m going nowhere, I’m here till the unforeseeable end”.
“If your love was a drug, I would love to get high with it all the days of my life”.
“You are the chosen one, you are the one my heart reaches out to”.
“My love will take you to the sky and beyond, it will not leave you hanging at any point”.
“Even when it seemed hard, she stood by me like a shielding rock”.
“She was meant for me from the onset, unjust and a hard time seeing it”.
“From the moment I saw her, she changed something within me”.
“I used to be very coarse, but my smoothness happened as a result of her love”.
“I have no idea what hurt is, I have only experienced love with you”.
“She makes my heart race, and it has never stopped racing”.
“She fills my world with so much gladness, she is the reason Ivan face my tomorrow”.
“I know we would have a happy ending, not all love stories started like ours”.

What Love Is About Quotes For The One You Truly Love

“My arms are wide open for you, feel free to engage them at any point in time”.
“When you feel thirsty and drained of love I’ll fill you up to the brim”.
“We do not have to chase empty dreams alone, we would achieve real dreams together”.
“We cannot stop now, we have to continue in this journey together”.
“I have felt hurt so many times, I’m glad your love saved me at the right time”.
“Without your love, I would have been an empty man with empty goals”.
“If you make love a priority, you would have a life time experience”.
“If love is a principal thing, all human should get it without remorse”.
“My love is not given to get in return, it is given wholly”.
“When you feel sad, picture me holding your hands, I’ll hold them very well”.
“Every day you live to see, I’ll show you how lovely live can be”.
“Through us, other love stories will be written without an end”.
“The power embedded in love is strong enough to lift a broken heart, and mend it’s pieces”.
The word love was not coined for words only, it is visible in seen actions too.
“I'll be your gasoline, you be my fire, we'll burn these bridges together”.
“You will be my paint, and I’ll be your brush, let's paint a perfect love story for the world to see”.
“You be my piece of the world, and I’ll be your scissors, together we would shape out of our love from the rest of the world”.
“Your love missing in my life makes me feel like a stray dog”.
“Sometimes I want to scream for the whole world to hear me. This love is beautiful”.
“Some love stories shatter along the way, ours will conquer the hardest obstacles”.
“Can I address you as mine now? I want you be yours too”.
“When you write a letter to me, I’m joyful when you end it with ‘my love'”.
“Maybe I’ll not find any other love like this one; but I was never even searching”.
“If you expected me to walk a mile, I’ll walk a million miles with you”.
“Love is about chasing the skies together and finding strength in one another”.

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