100+ Beautiful Messages of Love

Are you looking for a beautiful message that you can send to your love ones, look no further, here are nice messages for your love.

Beautiful Messages of Love

1. I love you and you love me. You love me, you love me. You will always be in my heart. Here or there, near or far, wherever you are, my love will be.

 2. A physician can save my life. A lawyer can defend my life. A soldier could battle for my life, but only the real meaning of life could you offer me. I adore you, my darling! I love you!

3. People require water, air and food to live. All I need is your embrace, your kisses, and your smiles. I adore you, my cherry! I love you!

4. You are the most beautiful and finest part of me. My love for you exceeds the love I have for myself.

5. I never thought that love was this deep and wonderful until I met you. Honey, you have finished me with your love. Stay with me forever, please.

6. Your love, sweetheart, is a healing of all my sorrow.

7. If there’s a list of things I need to endure, your love will never be inclusive. Your love is the only life I live. I cherish you, sweetie. I adore you.

8. I am so fortunate that you are the girl I’m in love with.

9. Baby, I can sense your love, deeper with each passing time. Day in, day out, I fall deeper for you. Thank you for making it lovely every day.

10. Your eyes are like a lovely mirror; I see myself more clearly when I gaze into your eyes. Honey, you constantly encourage me, and empower me to battle the world.

11. My darling, I feel like time has stopped while I am with you. There’s nobody except us. Your love makes me earth’s happiest person.

12. Your affection is valuable to me. I love you. I love you.

13. I suffered alone some time ago, but then, you came into my life and gave brought light into my darkness. Nothing in this world will make me hurt you, sweetie.

14. Whenever I’m around you, I feel the safest; Honey, thank you for always being there with me. When you know you have someone that will struggle for you no matter what, everything becomes easier.

15. Dear spouse, I knew that you were the one for me the day my eyes met yours. And you’ve made me insane with your love till now. Thank you every day, for making my life so lovely.

16. Holding hands, coffee dates, supper together, everything we do together is extremely important to me. I love you so much, my darling, I love you so much.

17. In my life, I can’t thank God enough for sending you. I’m very fortunate to have it. May God bless our love and keep us safe and well. Till my dying breath, I want to be with you.

18. Dealing, I lack in many ways, yet with your open arms, you accept my flaws and love me for who I am. Without you, I can’t live anymore.

19. Love is a noble act of offering oneself. The more you love the more part you lose. However, you don’t get less of who you are, but you’re finished!

20. Your touch makes me feel like a pebble as it falls in the peaceful waters of a lake. Through my body and spirit, you send waves. I love you, honey. I adore you.

21. My biggest wish is that our wonderful love lasts forever in this lifetime, and we love much more beyond death.

22. My love for you is not a waste of time. I lose time while I’m with you. My love is not part-time, but long-term. Now and for a lifetime, I will adore you!

23. My heart sinks when I see you. My heart melts when I hear your voice. I fall immediately you look at me. Catch me, please, because I’ve fallen in love with you!

24. When I say trust you, my sweetheart, I mean it. And what do you know? This is better than I love you. Would you want to know why? You do not trust someone you love constantly, but you may love the person you trust forever.

25. When it comes to love, you are my heart. When it comes to fun, you are my mirth. You are certain of my accomplishment in talking about the future. I love you. I love you.

26. Kiss you, think about you, embrace you, slip over you, miss you, dream about you- these are the things that I can do forever. I cherish you. I do!

27. Words alone will never be sufficient to convey to you the depth of my love. It has to depict many hugs and kisses. I adore you! I love you!

28. A unique grin, a special face, and a particular person I can’t duplicate, is you. I adore you and I will always do. No one can fill your space in my life.

29. Darling! Looking into your eyes makes the world forget about me.

30. Baby, till now, your presence is giving me chills.

31. You said “I do” the day you spoke to me. My “ME” turned into “YOU”. The heart of my universe is now God and “YOU”. You are precious to me, now and forever. This heart of mine beats for only “YOU”!

32. Love is a promise that no matter the number of thorns you walk through, you will always be filled with a pleasant fragrance.

33. I don’t care whether it’s a ‘selfie’ or a ‘belfie’ – whatever photograph you’ve taken sends me insane. I appreciate you!

34. Do you know why your fingers have spaces? It’s so I could fill the gaps within them.

35. What is the sunless flora? What is the earth without the sky? That’s why I tell you what I am without you. I adore you, forever! I love you!

36. There’s either too little or too much issue with love. What I learned is that you should always be with someone who you can’t live without, not simply someone with whom to want to live. And that is you! And that is you!

37. The road to love is so small that two cannot go there until they are one.

38. I will stop calling you my girlfriend because you’re not an angel, you’re not a female. I love you. I love you.

39. I realised that I was in love when I stopped thinking about the beauty in you, and began to see the beauty.

40. Today, I welcome you into my heart. I pick you to be the wishes of my heart. I wish you a wonderful trip – but remember your steps. You are welcome. You are welcome.

41. I feel something in my heart every time I see you; it’s like a little flame. And now, that tiny spark seems like fire in my breast because I love you so much!   

42. I would check your updates 24/7 if you were Facebook. If you tweeted, I’d always keep tweeting. I love you. I would continue to post pictures of me all day, should you be Instagram. I’d ensure to pin my heart on you, if you were Pinterest.

43. Love is a heart made up of two separate sections. In Mathematics, this equation signifies, “less than three”. And love doesn’t have room for a third in real life. Only you and I can be love!

44. I knew that I began to fall in love with you when my ears were unable to listen to anything you said. But my heart felt each drop of your lovely face. I love you. I love you.

45. You may fall from a mountain, or from a tree, but the greatest way to fall is to lie in me.

46. I would be better with someone who loves me that I love him. I’m 100% confident that my happiness will be his priority, and no more nights without sleep.

47. I do not know the connection status I should use for my Facebook, since there is nothing that I am with you termed, “crazy in love”. I love you. I love you.

48. I adore all those things that you don’t; you never tried to alter me, you never cared about my odd mood, you never laughed when I tried to be serious and when I needed you most, you never turned away. I love you. I love you.

49. For now, tomorrow and forever, I want you in my life.

50. This thing called love is like medicine. And I do not pray to get well soon.

51. It’s my wish to be with you just twice in my lifetime; at this instant and always.

52. Every time of the day, I desire to live side by side with you. In my heart, nothing in this universe can take your place.

53. To love you as long as I breathe, is my earnest desire.

54. The universe may tag me insane; I’d rather be for your sake. Sweetheart, my heart burns for you. Only you!

55. For me, you have turned out to be a necessity to love and cherish. I no longer see this as an alternative any longer.

56. I’m not scared to lose the entire world, but my heart skips when I think I might lose you. I love you sincerely, love. I will not give up on loving you.

57. You’ve made my entirety a voyage of affection and pleasure. I choose to live eternity with you. I adore you, every day.

58. Should anyone ask me whether I’d like to stick to you, I’ll say to them; now, even forever.

59. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Doesn’t matter the things you ever did, it doesn’t matter the things you still do, I pledge my love to you.

60. It has not occurred to you in what way I’m fortunate to be called yours. You’ve made my life so meaningful. I appreciate you. I adore you.

61. I want to be everything that gives to your heart a smile and pleasure. I want to adore you like nobody else has ever done.

62. You are the reason I smile, and why I’m happy. I love you endlessly! I love you endlessly!

63. I scribbled your name in the sky, but it flew away the wind. I scrawled your name on the sand then again the waves wiped it out. I inscribed your name in my heart, and it will be there, forever.

64. I’m so carried away singing praises of you that I became short of words. My love, word is too small to describe you.

65. To love you is the greatest task I ever did all my life. Thank you for making life so wonderful to me.

66. I’m grateful to God for sending you into my life. You’re my angel. I cherish you. I adore you.

67. Irrespective of events that will unfold in time to come, I know someone who’ll stand by me. That person is no other, but you. My love!

68. You are my star-shine. You illuminate my life, every day.

69. Good morning my darling! Good morning! I’m sending loads of love and plenty of kisses to you.

70. I’ve fallen in love a countless times. But I fall in love with you, every time.

71. “I may just be one person for you, but you are the world for me”.

72. I cherish you, that’s the least I can say. I wish I could describe the way my heart beats every time I think about you.

73. The world believes that they cannot see true love; they say you can only feel love. Perhaps, their opinion isn’t right. Because, I’ve seen love a thousand times, the moment I stared into your eyes, all I ever saw was love. It’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

74. I cherish you! My love for you will know no end.

75. Your love completes me. It keeps me breathing. I adore you! I appreciate you!

76. Words fail me to appreciate how amazing you are to me.  You are that special being that makes life easy and smooth for me.

78. My utmost desire is to commence the journey of love with you, and to also complete it with you by my side. I love you without mincing words.

79. I appreciate you for becoming my significant other. I’m thank you for making me see reasons to enjoy life to the fullest. You’re my ideal one. You are perfect!

80. Waking up every day is a beautiful gift. Sunshine, my heart beats for only you. I appreciate you for saying yes to live eternity with me.

81. Words fail me to express how much I miss you. I think about you than you ever imagined. Love you! Love you! Love you!

82. There’s nothing more to compare with the pleasure I felt in my life at this time. Love you very much, honey.

83. Distance cannot weaken our connection. Nothing can take away sweet memories of ours from our brains. Our hearts will forever be intertwined.

84. Since no human can survive without energy, I cannot live without you. I cannot live without you. I’ll live to adore you till hereafter.

85. If you give me the opportunity to make my final request, I’ll ask that you keep up with me till I breathe my last. It would be like this.

86. If I’m paid to love you, I’d suddenly become a billionaire!

87. You’re the only reason I live; you, Love!

88. Honey, please give me the chance to bring happiness into your life, the way you do to mine. I love you, every day.

89. I fantasise a future where it would be just you and I living to adore one another for a thousand years. I know I won’t get weary showing you love.

90. Your love, to me, is a beautiful gift. I would not for once think about no other who could love me sincerely the way you do.

91. Without you in my world, life makes no sense. After you, life seems unfathomable. I want our spirits to be connected even after death!

92. The depth of the sea is little when compared to the kind of love I’ve got for you. And to talk of the firmament, its breath is incomparable as well. This is to show how much your love means to me. I love you, Honey. I appreciate you.

93. I will forever appreciate your presence in my life. You are adorable, sweetheart.

94. In and out, you are incredibly gorgeous. I count myself fortunate to have ever known you and make you mine in this great world.

95. An hour would seem like a minute when we’re together. But a minute would seem like an hour when we are apart.

96. I take it as a privilege to have a super hero such as you in my world. Your presence always make me want to chuckle. My darling is really pretty, I must confess.

97. My darling’s soul is filled with affection; I am blessed to find solace therein. I adore you, honey.

98. Should you be a book, I do not mind reading you, over and over again. That’s how I adore my beauty to you.

99. You are the nicest spirit that makes my world so lovely, wonderful, and beautiful.

100. It’s really a lifetime fortune to have a guy such as you, in my space. Every day and every minute, I feel grateful for this precious gift.

101. Till my dying breath, I shall adore you, no matter what life throws at us!

102. A wonderful woman like you isn’t from this world; you come directly from the heavens. You are the ideal wife of all time!

103. My love for you is ever greater, and bit by bit, I lose myself into this affection.

104. My only source of happiness is your love for me. Please, don’t leave, because without you, I won’t be able to fathom every passing day.

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