Miss You Messages Your Date Cannot Forget: Sweet Love Quotes For Darlings

Miss You Messages Your Date Cannot Forget

Missing the one you love is felt from time to time, when you miss anyone, send a message or quote to him or her.
When you long for her or him, check here to find sweet love quotes she cannot deny or resist.

1. When I saw you today, my heart skipped a beat, then it increased in tempo, then in speed, just like in a horse race; all these happened because I laid gaze on an angel

2. My night with you is on that would not be forgotten after a thousand decade; I will forever cherish every moment I spent with you.

3. I prayed earnestly for that day to come and it did come, just like the sun is set to always shine by day, my love would always hunt you wherever you go.

4. Can we be here forever? Can I have this dance with you? I will never let go of your hands? 

5. The food and pastries were superb, the desert was excellent; but I could only see this because I watched you as you put it into mouth.
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6. This is me being real with you; you are a star and you shine brighter and brighter each day. I aid such a wonderful night my love.

7. When we sat across to each other on the table, I really thought that I would eventually get bored. I'm sure I sat there amazed at how beautiful you are

8. I'm crazy about you, all night, I thought about you, I could not being myself to stop imagining your smile throughout the night; baby please can we do this again?

9. Words aren't enough to express my heart's content to you, if I were more less of a man I would have been choked with your smile all night. Please go out with me again.

10. Would you believe that as I sat looking right at you, I created a picture of you in my mind? It is getting toxic now as anything that smiles at me looks like you. Your dress was perfect tonight.

11. Would you mind accompanying me to a ball? I'm sure that J would focus on nothing other than you

12. Your dress is perfect, shiny just like the bright sky, your make-up suits your akin with a glow, your hairdo is also perfect, makes you into a perfect queen that you are, would you mind gracing an occasion with me?

13. People say I'm sweet with words, but believe me when I tell you that my words are not enough to describe how good you look today

14. I miss your smile, your laugh and even your frown, they all make you out to be perfect and stand out. I want to go out with you again. Can I?

15. I will love to see you again very soon baby, I cannot stop thinking about the perfect time we had together, it felt like it should never stop for me.
16. I'm so crazy about you my love I could leave everything I'm doing just to be with you again.

17. Many have come and gone out of my life, but since you came and left last night temporarily, I want you back here right now.

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