Funny Love Quotes That Force Smile Out Of Him Or Her

It does not take anything to make your partner smile. Funny love quotes are one amazing ways of forcing a smile out of her face any time.
Serious is good, but it needs not be shown every time. At times in your room, you may decide to show some humour, or play with your darling wife or husband.

When it is evening, you can throw these messages to show you care much. These funny quotes will trigger discussion, and make way for knowing more about the your darling.
Below are the said love quotes:

Funny Love Quotes For The One You Love

1. Is love Out Of It?:  

This quote has a semblance with a quote I saw on Yourtango.

“When you love someone, you’ll suffer doing so. Sometimes, she’ll tell you no, sometimes, she’ll abuse you. Take it that way. Love is not out of proportion when you love the best person.”

2. Love Is Trust: 

Sheena Amin explains that trust supersedes love in relationship and pegs trust as the foundation of love. 

“When you are happy, trust yourself. When you are sad, find someone to love. Happiness is in love and sadness is in not loving someone at a time.”

3. Marry A Weight Lifter:

“A guard is the best husband to marry. The more the security loopholes, the more he secures you.”

4. Women Don’t Forget:

“Your wife can hardly forget how you treated her in the first republish. Don’t make her feel old now that she gave you everything.”

5. Love Has Many Forces:

“When you fall in love, don’t blame the force of gravity. The Forces that exist between two lovers are beyond understanding. Cohensive. Adhensive.”

6. Worry Not About Love:  

Cindi McMenanmin do advise people not to worry about love, and that it will find them when necessary.

“When he says he can die for you. Don’t worry, give him a knife and say you need his throat.”

7.  Forgotten Kindness:

“The only time women remember your kindness is when you are no more.”

8. Are You Madly In Love:

"To know you are madly in love, just try to differentiate your pocket from his or her’s. If you cannot, I can actually confirm you are seriously in love."

9. Our Past Is Gone:


"Ask some women about their pasts. They’ll say “don’t let my husband hear this.”

10. Relationship At All Cost:

"The moment love becomes a cheap commodity, you will find queens begging for relationship."

11. If You Don’t Want To Wake All Night:

"The payment for love is sleepless night"

12.  This Love Is Dangerous:

"Don’t fall in love in your teen, you may not be able to stand up again."

13. Be Safety Conscious When You Love Someone:

"Love is hazardous. When you want to fall in love, be sure you have safety measures around."

14. Days After Marriage Are Revelation Time:

"If you care to know whom she/he is. Don’t worry, after honey moon you will understand him or her very well."

15. Strangers Turn Lovers:

"When you intend to fight someone, propose to marry him or her. Marriage brings two enemies together, and make them intimate lovers."

16. Love Is Sincerity:

"Using emojis to reply a love message is not bad, it says the sender is more of a cartoon than human."

17. Love The Right Man:

"The best man to love is the one that is ready to say thank you for collecting after he has given you the whole world."

18. Mixture Of Happiness And Sadness

"Sometimes, you feel happy, and at times, you feel bad. Love is a combination of these two."

19. Love Needs Stupid Questions:

"Ask stupid questions once in a while, it tells whom your partner is."

20. Shepherds Are Lovers:

"Marry a shepherds, it pays. Shepherds are the only surviving gentlemen that can run after you for years."

21. Love Makes People Crazy:

"Marriage is craziness! Why bring two strangers together under the guise of wanting them to leave as intimate lovers?"

21. Love Is Not Tokyo Made:

"When I realised love was not made in Tokyo, I stopped buying Tokyo made products."

22. Die For Love?:

"The one that says love is worth dying for, does not have multimillion dollars property."

23. Birds And Trees Are Lovers:

"Some lovers are like birds and trees. They don’t like leaving each other."

24.  Love Is Super Awesome:

"When I heard love is real, I changed my mind and decided to go for virtual dating."

25. Fake Love:

"Internet made everything simple. It presented us with fake faces every morning."

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