Birthday Love Messages For Those Born In December

December people are special that is the reason sending a birthday love messages to them is essential.
If you have anybody born in December, find time to send any of this messages to him or her.
1. Your birthday celebration comes once every year, and it falls on the month that the whole world is joyous and in a celebratory mood. You are indeed a light to this world and light that can never be hidden. Happy birthday gorgeous.
2. Please keep always smiling; your zeal is one of many things that I love and adore about you. This month as you are joyous, I pray that your smile never leaves your face and you continue to grow in the grace of God.
3. Many people say that people born in this particular month are hard workers, perseveres, honest, mentors, bold, vigilant and intuitive. I believe all that coz I have seen you talk, walk, act and do all sorts of things. I have seen you in your sad moments and enjoyable moment. I know how sweet and courageous you are, how daring and kind you are. Happy birthday to your love.
4. I will always remind you of how beautiful and unusual you are; today I will uniquely remind you. You are excellent, immeasurable, flawless, flexible and entertaining. You are the best thing that ever happened to this generation. I love you, big honey... Happy birthday to you and have a blast.
5. The person I write this too deserves a shout out deserves the best gifts in the world, deserves a big hug and kiss from me. You deserve this world at your feet because you are the kindest, sweetest, and hospitable person I have ever met. You are one to reckon with, and I do that with you today as you mark tour birthday. The grave of God is with you always. Happy birthday to your honey. I love you so much.
6. December is the last month of the year, and it is the month that people celebrate more, I pray for you that you will rejoice and be celebrated on this month and in this year in Jesus name. Just as we celebrate Christmas with laughs and smiles, I pray for you that your smile will never turn into cries, and your laughter will never turn into sorrow/mourning.
7. You are kind, you are cute, you are more than words can express, you are gracious, you are tender, you are subtle, you are a leader, you are an example and a good mentor. What more could I demand, I have you, and I have everything. Happy birthday my baby.
8. One major issue I am certain about is that there is truly a reason why you were born in this particular month of celebration. You are to be celebrated in all spheres of your life; you are a blessing to this generation and a forerunner in the good things of life. Enjoy your birthday just as it has to be.
9. You are a good woman, a kind-hearted and soft-hearted woman, you are not biased in your dealings, neither are you myopic in your thinking. So are a star and you will continue shine as you wish to. Happy birthday, my love, I pray that good health and good Xmas gifts get to you.

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