Sorry, But I Have To Go Love Quotes

The two of you can move on if you have reasons for saying bye without fight. Just say sorry with love quotes and let him or her know you have to go. Here are loving words that does that:

1. Every time I remember you, I feel like my soul has been put apart just because you are not there for me anymore.
2. Just as we are about to separate, I give you my word, I will never forgive those who instrumented our separation.
3. The role you have played in my life is unimaginable, I have still got more roles for you, now that you are no more there. Who will I call upon?
4. Not that I am incomplete without you, but I feel empty because you are no more a part of me.
5. I have tried so hard to let you know that this is not my fault, I have no power in redeeming our fate, please try and forgive me, I know that I am the first that has ever done this to you, but you still need to forgive me.
6. No one can justify the reason why we are parting ways for me, I do not believe their expression.
7. You do not need to tell me that you are right, I am very much aware of how much they have labelled you wrongly.
8. I remember what we have done together, times we have spent, what we plan on doing, but now that they have set us apart and I have no power to bind us, I feel like the world is going to end because we cannot do those things together.
9. I used to tell you that I love you, but now I cannot, please lend me some other words I can whisper to convey my feeling.
10. I still find it unbelievable that those I love and trusted so much are the major propellers of our separation.
11. They are setting us apart, but they are not informed that the best of you is yet to come, and you are the best for me. They only believe in their own words and thoughts.
12. I have to continue to convey my feelings into words like this because my heart can no more accommodate it, else, it will explode like a watermelon that contains a dynamite.
13. When I watch movies, I think they perform tricks and parting away really means not so much, but until I met you and now that we are going in different directions.
14. I have always thought that you will take me to the pinnacle, but it is no more possible because we are going separate ways now.
15. You made me understand that life is not all about work, you took me to places I have never been and now the road is coming to an end for both of us, do you really think I can still live on this earth without you. I am sure that if you are no more there for me, I will only continue to work like a clock.
17. I have always been blessed with you prayer and your mother’s, and I saw greatness in my life the day you stepped in, where will the greatness be coming from now. I am not to be tagged the greatest loser?
18. It is no joke, forgetting about you is not realistic, please pray to the Lord to save us from this predicament and we will finally be together because I will no longer stay around but elope with you far wide.
19. Only that fate cannot be changed with one’s hand, I would have fabricated my fate in your ways.

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