Cute Love Quotes Hearts Do Not Resist: Short Love Quotes For Him Or Her

You love someone, it won’t be sending awesome things that makes his or her heart trembles for you.
 The one you love is hyper awesome, find any love quotes and send to him or her.

Cute Love Quotes Hearts Do Not Resist

1. Love is such a nice thing because I feel it with you it is the best thing that could ever happen to any man on earth.
2. I have a clear view of what love is like for the first time in my life coz of you.
3. I can go through this life knowing that some people and things can be bad; but there is still one amazing person by my side, so I do not have to worry about anything.
4. I truly love you beyond what anyone says about you, you are the owner of my heart.
5. I cherish you like no man has ever done; I beg to worship at your feet, coz you are like priceless jewel.
6. I do not flatter you with my words, but all I know is that you are beautiful and I do not think I will ever stop saying it.
7. You are the best woman for me, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you are just so gracious to look on.
8. I do not have any problem with loving you for as long as I live. It is my duty and I have made it my responsibility for life.
9. I’m gonna fight for you, until my heart stops beating even then I will fight for you.
10. I will go through the worst things of life on this planet earth just to be with you. You are the woman for me alone.
11. I love you so much my darling, I love you beyond your imagination, you just have to believe me so much honey.
12. I need no one to tell me what exactly I need with you; I need nothing else outside your jurisdiction. I love you truly.

Short Love Quotes For Him Or Her

13. No one knows just how much I adore you, they feel I have just loved again; the truth is I have found the best of love.
14. We do not have a clear idea of what will happen in the future, but I am sure that my future is bright with you in it.
15. With you everything just keeps getting better and better, it does because I am with you. I love you truly.
16. I do not know exactly what would come out of this, but I have no worries as long as I am with you, nothing else matters.
17. You are good, careful and I have you, I need nothing more, and this is coz I have you.
18. You are my limit when I am going bad or high on doing bad things. You cub my bad habits and make me out to be a better person.
19. Anything you want on this earth is yours; I am yours so you should take me and take all of me with you.
20. This life is the best one to experience because you are in it with me. I do love you honey and I have no explanations.

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